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Fans are my favorite thing in the world. I’ve never been the type of artist who has that line drawn between their friends and their fans. The line’s always been really blurred for me.

October 08 + 1698

In the real world, if you have something about yourself that’s different, you’re lucky. It’s not a curse. (x)

October 08 + 5308

But if God forbid fate should step in…

October 08 + 1229

There are times when I look at this young woman and everything she’s accomplished and where she is. And yet I still see that little girl in the car seat with those big blue eyes in my rear-view mirror. I say… “that’s my baby… and I’m real proud.”

October 08 + 2575


Here we have Becky wearing her favourite choker.

October 08 + 221

With this record I thought, “there are no rules to this” 

October 08 + 211